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What is the difference between DSG and S-Tronic transmission?

This is exactly the same transmission, VW uses the DSG name and Audi uses the S-Tronic name. But it is good to know that the cars are equipped with various configurations of transmissions and mechatronics units, that is why the mechatronics unit is not interchangeable, it is always car specific.

General Questions

Total costs depend on the fault codes that need to be repaired.
There are over 130 transmission related trouble codes that’s why reading or getting of the trouble codes makes repairing the mechatronic much more easier and thereby reduces the total costs of the customer. Some trouble codes are too expensive to repair so knowing about them beforehand will save the client time and money.
Removing, Repairing, Testing and Fitting the mechatronics unit will take 14 – 21 working days.
Yes, you can get a refurbished DSG (02E & 0Am) mechatronics unit from us.
No that is why you will get incorrect version and it causes difficulties to drivability, wrong shifting points, incorrectly timed controls between TCM and ECU, too early and rapid clutch wear, trouble codes, or the mechatronics unit won’t work at all, etc. That is why mechatronics unit which is taken from another car MUST have the same HW version and MUST be re-flashed with the car specific software!